GS was born in Basel (1955) After school and military GS founds his own company. Here in the production of a series of innovative stroboscopes (1985) Gregor Spörri travels to Sinai to dive for wrecks in the Red Sea (1988) GS travels from Sinai to Giza to carry out some experiments in and on top of the Great Pyramid (1988) GS meditates in the sarcophagus of King Khufu (1988) GS climbs to the top of the Great Pyramid for a daring experiment (1988) GS takes a taxi to Bir Hooker (1988) A farmhouse in Bir Hooker (1988) GS with the relic from Bir Hooker in his hands (1988) The relic from Bir Hooker - a chopped off finger of a biblical giant GS writes down everything about his experiences in Egypt (1988). The pictures of the relic of Bir Hooker are shown all over the world Gregor Spörri talks with a journalist GS in a phone interview with a Japanese reporter Talks with H. R. Giger - Godfather of ALIEN and Master of Darkness - inspires GS to his apocalyptic thriller LOST GOD Gregor Spörri researches in the Holy Scriptures GS in front of the Great Pyramid in Giza (2016) GS explores a deep shaft beneath the Great Pyramid of Khufu in Giza A tomb of giants deep below the Great Pyramid? GS researches in the rock chamber. GS explores a narrow passage deep beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza Gregor Spörri with Erich von Däniken in front of the Great Pyramid. GS explains his research on the Great
Pyramid in Giza GS examines a giant sacrophagus in the Serapeum of Sakkara, Egypt GS researches in the tomb of Osiris in Giza GS researches the mysterious caves of Huangshan in China GS follows the final launch of the Space Shuttle Endevaour in Cape Canaveral (2011) GS explains a scene from his novel at the Kennedy Space Center (2011) Gregor Spörri researches for his novel Lost God -  Judgment Day Gregor Spörri with his research folders about Lost God GS presents his novel: The Lost God (2012)

About the Author

Gregor Spörri was born in Basel, Switzerland, in 1955. Following school, vocational training, and military service, he founded an event and equipment company for road shows and clubs, which he still runs today.
In 1988, Spörri traveled to Egypt to dive for wrecks. Afterward, he explored the country’s historic sites to gather ideas for a dance club in Ancient Egyptian style. But the adventurer in him also had extracurricular activities in mind – he wanted to be locked up for a night in the great Pyramid of Khufu in order to conduct daring experiments, alone and undisturbed.
His strange project didn’t go unnoticed and brought him in contact with an old grave robber, who seemed to know more about the fabled pyramids than any Egyptologist. In the end, the Arab even allowed the Swiss to look at his family treasure, which included a gruesome relic. Spörri’s view of the world was shaken – because the relic appeared to be the severed limb of a prehistoric, humanoid giant, as they appear in ancient myths, legends and the Holy Bible. The photos he took of the limb made its way around the world.
The Egypt shock, his research, the exploration trips with Erich von Däniken – Swiss pioneer of the ancient astronauts theory, as well as the conversations with H. R. Giger – master of dark surrealism and creator of the monster from the film series ALIEN, inspired Gregor Spörri to write LOST GOD.


Gregor Spörri has created a dedicated website about his Egyptian shock experience and his research: Grespo.com

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