A truck-sized tubular UFO appears above the Earth. A crescent-shaped sign is emblazoned on its shell

Donald Trump orders Erich von Däniken to the White House. The Swiss alien researcher has found the same sickle-shaped sign on a millennia-old Sumerian scroll seal. The young Australian astronomer Ned Kelly makes an incredible discovery … Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking repeatedly warns against contact with aliens until his death in March 2018 Nevertheless, NASA is sending five astronauts into space. They want to bring the UFO to Earth … But as soon as the space shuttle has started, the unbelievable happens! Another scene from the novel Another scene from the novel Another scene from the novel

LOST GOD: Day of Judgment

is a apocalyptic thriller based on ancient myths, the ancient aliens theory and an shocking real-life experience of the author in Egypt, with captivating storylines careening toward an finale beyond imagination.


This is how the story starts

A truck-sized UFO appears above the Earth. A crescent-shaped sign is emblazoned on its shell. An imam interprets the sign as a symbol of Islam and, referring to the Quran, claims that the object hails from the inhabitants of a sister world of the Earth. An Islamic terrorist organization then calls for a global holy war. Ancient Aliens researcher Erich von Däniken discovers the same sign on a millennia-old Sumerian cylinder seal and predicts that the world is in for a god shock of a completely different kind. Both Russia and China want to explore the mysterious UFO, but U.S. president Trump is determined to preempt the two Eastern powers – a catastrophic decision. As terrorists are trying to plunge Europe into chaos, a reactivated old space shuttle takes off in Cape Canaveral. The crew’s mission is to bring the UFO to Earth in the payload bay. On board are the audacious Navy pilot Tom Taylor, the young science journalist and maverick Sally Brown, as well as the reticent German rocket engineer Gunther Wolf, who seems to know much more about the UFO and its origins than he is willing to admit. But as soon as the Space Shuttle Atlantis has launched, 19 huge spheres hit the earth…



This book differs in some ways from other novels: There are many places of action and characters. Reality and fiction are almost indistinguishable. The story is told in the present tense, sometimes in the style of a report. If necessary, technical and historical explanations are woven into the plot, which require increased attention. Some scenes in the story are very hard and brutal. Toward the end, the story takes a turn that some readers consider crazy or bizarre.


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