1988: GS wreck diving in the Red Sea 1988: GS explores the pyramids of Giza 1988: GS meditates in the great Pyramid 1988: GS is shown a gruesome relic The finger is an incredible 38 centimeters long The mummified finger comes from a human-like giant A frightening monster claw 1989: GS writes about his egypt experiences, ideas and fantasies Did biblical giants help to build the pyramids? GS searches for evidence of the existence of prehistoric giants GS explores the Great Pyramid GS discovers two unfinished giant sarcophagi deep down of the pyramid GS on the trail of a giant grave in Sakkara GS examines a giant sacrophagus Sakkara GS explores giant grottoes in Longyou GS with EvD on a rechearch trip 2000: HR Giger encourages Gregor Spörri to publish his experiences, theses and fantasies as a novel 2000: New opening of the Alien floor in the Max Max Basel 2000: The short version of GS' novel as a booklet. Title: The Iron World 2001: First design of the alien ship 2001: Additional drawings and models 2008: GS is working on the full version of his novel 2009: GS builds further models for his novel 2011: GS researches at the NASA 2011: GS explains a scene from his novel at the KSC 2012: GS signs: The Lost God - Tag der Verdammnis 2017: GS presents the revised version of LOST GOD Illustration (scene) from the novel Illustration (scene) from the novel Illustration (scene) from the novel Illustration (scene) from the novel Illustration (scene) from the novel Illustration (scene) from the novel Illustration (scene) from the novel Illustration (scene) from the novel Illustration (scene) from the novel

1988: Gregor Spörri travels to Egypt for wreck diving. Afterwards he visits the historical sites of the country to collect ideas for a club interior in the pharaonic style. But Spörri has something else in mind: For a daring self-experiment, he wants to be alone for one night in the legendary Great Pyramid. Spörris intention doesn’t go unnoticed and brings him together with a grave robber who seems to know more about the pyramids than any Egyptologist. In the end, the old Arab allows him a glimpse of his family treasure, which includes a gruesome relic. Spörri is shocked, because it is the chopped off limb of a human-like giant, as they appear in old legends, myths and in the Bible. The pictures of it go around the world. The photos go around the world.

1988 – 1999: Spörri develops a fantastic story about his scary experience in Egypt and writes it down.

1990 – 2018: Following a mysterious clue from the grave robber, Spörri returns to Egypt several times. But he also looks in other parts of the world for evidence of the existence of prehistoric human-like monsters such as the biblical giants (Nephilim). The results of his research are a source of astonishment and disbelief for established scientists.

2000: During a profound conversation, dark art artist H.R. Giger encourages Spörri to publish his imaginative story as a novel. Spörri follows Giger’s advice and publishes a short version of his story as a booklet in the same year. Title: THE IRON WORLD.

2000 – 2012: Spörri researches, creates drawings of monsters and spaceships, builds various models and completes his story.

2012: The 500-page story is published in German. Title: THE LOST GOD – Tag der Verdammnis. (ISBN 978-3905896336)

2017: Spörri updates and streamlines his story. The novel is published with the title: LOSTGOD – Das Jüngste Gericht (ISBN 978-3952486016)

2013- 2018: Further research leads Spörri once again to faraway countries.

2018: The English version of Spörris novel is published. Title: LOST GOD – Day of Judgment (ISNB 978-3952486023)

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